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Case Studies

Dole Crisp Cash Offer

Objective: Encourage consumer purchases of Dole® Fresh Discovery™ salads at specific retail accounts.
Strategy: Create an account specific online portal for consumer’s to locate the retailer’s nearest store and give the consumer the ability to submit their transactions and participate in the promotion.

ARS worked with Dole’s agency to develop an account specific website. At retail, when consumers purchased participating Dole ® Fresh Discovery ™ salads they would receive a receipt that contained a unique code for each product purchased. They were encouraged to go to the website, register, and submit their code(s). Once they had entered three unique codes, a $5.00 coupon good on a future purchase at that particular retailer was mailed to them. Unique codes were tracked for usage by consumer as well as account. Program was executed with 4 different retail accounts.

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